Use the CBI tool to cultivate transparency, awareness and measurement around higher purpose and drive growth through brand trust.

A Conscious Brand is one that works to support positive impact – for people, organisations and the world. It's one that builds trust authentically through higher purpose, values and actions. It’s better business on purpose, and it’s the way of the future.​


The Conscious Brand Growth Index is an online assessment tool to help organizations become better aligned and fulfil their impact potential by following the principles of Conscious Branding. It reviews broad aspects of your company’s activities, covering interactions and experiences with all stakeholders, including employees and customers. This is consistent with our definition of brand in its widest sense as the holistic experience of your company. Gone are the days of being able to design and control an insincere external image – brands that will endure into the future are those built and trusted from the inside-out.


Measure your organisation against 6 key indicators of conscious brand growth.

Team Survey

Invite your team, leaders or other stakeholders to assess your organisation.


Receive recommendations based on your results to empower your journey towards conscious growth.

Measure Growth

Re-assess and track progress over time and receive new recommendations to enable ongoing growth.