Brands that will endure into the future are Conscious Brands: brands that actively contribute to a better future for us all through purpose, values and conscious practices.

We are Conscious Brands activators and educators, co-creating pioneering tools for the next evolution of business since 2006. 

The future is conscious, and organisations need to lead that change from the inside-out, activating deep purpose and embedding meaning to navigate a new future and elevate humanity through their work. It’s no longer acceptable for business to ignore the broader impact it has on the world – business is being called to something higher. The Conscious Brands Assessment Tool empowers leaders and teams to answer that call.

As business leaders, we have a great gift and responsibility to care for, inspire and sometimes even demand positive change in our world, and that can be realised through our organisations. We believe this tool will help build an understanding of the principles of Conscious Branding and assist you to apply it to your organisation to grow trust and ultimately, increase your positive impact.

Become a Conscious Brand, build trust and intentionally grow towards a better future

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Our Vision

Our vision is to have a regenerative impact on capitalism across the world, empowering organisations worldwide to become successfully conscious and contributing to the elevation of people, prosperity and the planet. We want to inspire and activate internal brand believers across the world to help their organizations live into their higher purpose.

Our Values


We always seek the truth and work authentically


We seek to understand, accept and value all perspectives


We are guided by hope not fear – for possibility, humanity and our future


We value every person as equals, and always look for the win-win


We are open-minded, we ask questions and are always learning


We aim to thrive in harmony with the environment and society in which we operate

The Team

Our team consists of purpose, sustainability and brand practitioners who teach from their experience in the field. They have dynamic communication skills, skills in participatory facilitation, and plenty of personal stories about building conscious brands and embedding purpose.
Luke Burrell

Ignorant to impossibilities, future focussed, full potential seeking and it’s been said I’m a bit perfectionist with an unconventional mindset. Over the past decade I’ve inspired and implemented many initiatives to solve business and social issues for clients and self-initiated projects. With an unusual ability to know the way forward without a compass, seeing potential and throwing my whole self into in everything I put my hand to.

I believe in order to create and to be extraordinary; pursue your passions with ignorance (you don’t need to know if it is or isn’t possible if you’re truly passionate about it), work hard (and don’t stop till it’s done), set your mind and hands to pursue excellence (in every part of life), do more with less, make the most of what you have and above all, have fun doing it!

Nikki Wright

I’ve always been interested in human behaviour, understanding how our thoughts and self-concepts influence our actions, and the principles of positive psychology. I’m on a journey to understand what underlies true empathy, how it can be harnessed to change lives and business, and how it can be trained. I believe empathy is the foundation of conscious leaders, brands and businesses that lead positive change in people and society.

I uncover authentic purpose and build conscious strategy for companies that want to connect, serve and add real value to peoples lives. I’ve spent the past few years researching and developing the Conscious Brand process, which delivers an operable framework for brand building that nurtures purpose, meaningful connection, values-led leadership and positive culture. It focusses on empowerment strategies rather than fear based or extrinsic strategies for brands and communications.

Rob Sinclair

Rob Sinclair believes in T. Harv Eker’s maxim that “how you do anything is how you do everything.” This is a guiding principle in his life. Rob’s passion for business has found him at the pioneering phase of many new and exciting industries, including the Internet and IT industry in Calgary, self-producing a traveling, internet-based vegan cooking show, and becoming president and owner of an organic food manufacturing company called Friendly Foods. He now uses that experience to help businesses grow and thrive by showing them the inherent value of taking their economic, human and natural capital into account, and working with all of those resources. He believes that there can’t be sustainability without collaboration, and there can’t be culture without community.