Conscious Brands® Assessment Tool

Use the tool to support the positive growth and transformation of your brand towards a conscious future. If you have already embarked on this journey, or recognise the need to start, this tool will give you the visibility and advice to help guide you and take you further on your journey. 

Conscious Brand Assessment


Measure your organisation against Six Pillars of a Conscious Brand. 

The Conscious Brands® Assessment Tool is designed to help organisations review and develop their self-awareness and assess how that awareness is showing up through their brand and practices by listening to their stakeholders. 

Anyone can register and complete an individual assessment for an organisation. The survey assesses your organisation against the Six Pillars based on your answers: 

Higher Purpose
Purpose-driven Strategy
Intrinsically Engaged Employees
Empathically Aligned Customers
Conscious Communications
Agility & Responsiveness

Conscious Brand Index Assessment Averages

Collective Insight

Invite your entire team, leaders and other stakeholders to assess your organisation. 

Conscious change and brand trust begins from the inside – for your organization that means your people. If you’re a business leader the tool enables you to invite your entire team to assess your organisation and receive a collective insight reportReceive overall results as well as insights into departments and roles. When employees are empowered to contribute and be heard, they feel more connected and motivated to work towards your purpose and growth together. 

Setting up a collective assessment is easy. All you need is the email addresses of those you wish to participate. It could be a department, a team, or your entire workforce. Click the link below to get started. 

Conscious Brand Index Assessment Results


Receive recommendations based on your results to empower your journey towards conscious growth. 

We’ve partnered with experts in the fields of human behaviour, change management, communications, customer experience and leadership to develop recommendations for growth across each of the key areas. Once an individual or team survey has been completed, you will receive tips and recommendations to improve the area in which your organisation scored lowest. 

Conscious Brand Index Assessment - Point Score Image on a Transparent Background

Measure Growth

Re-assess to track company progress over time and receive new recommendations to enable ongoing growth. 

A sense of progress keeps us humans motivated and on track. Come back after you’ve implemented changes and see where your organisation has improved. The goal is for your organization to become more self-aware, employees more engaged in the journey, customers more committed, and you see conscious brand growth. 

Return as many times as you like. All of your assessment results will be stored on your profile.